Carol – 5 stone lighter within 12 months
Over the years I’d tried different diets.  I’d join, stick to it for a while and lose some weight.  Then I’d stop going for a couple of months and the weight went back on.  Then I’d rejoin and the cycle began again.  I wasn’t happy with my size or with how I get bout myself.  I needed a more permanent solution and I was sick of paying for what I thought were quick fixes.  I contacted Debbie and decided to invest in myself.  Although the amount of the investment worried me initially, I’d tried everything else and none of it worked.  I’ve lost over 4 stone and I’m amazed at how easy it was – the most difficult thing initially was remembering that I wasn’t on a diet>. I eat whatever I like because nothing is banned – I just eat within the principles of the Programme Get Real! and Get Slim for Life.  Food just doesn’t have the same pull it used to.  My shopping bill has gone down and the food in the fridge lasts longer.  I’m happier than I’ve been for years and I’m not as irritable or tired and I’ve a lot more energy.  My confidence has increased and I don’t hide anymore. 
Kelly – 2 stone 7lbs within 3 months
The sun is shining, clothes need to be replaced (yay!, energy levels are increasing and I’m a VERY happy Kiwi.
Debbie’s Get Real! Programme is awesome and I’m so lucky to have been a part of it. The Programme has really hep alter my mind set in lots of ways and I’m so much more positive now. Debbie’s infectious enthusiasm has helped soooo much. I can never thank my global sensation of a therapist enough. She is a treasure eon so many levels and truly is the UK’s leading weightloss expert.

Lucy – 3 stone within 6 months
I started Debbie’s Get Real! and Get Slim for Life Programme because I wanted to lose 3 stone in time for my wedding…and I did it!
I couldn’t have done it without Debbie’s help and continued support. She kept me on track ad didn’t let me get away with ANY excuses – she’s an amazing therapist.
Confession time – Before I rang Debbie I was about to cancel my wedding because I felt so awful about my weight and how I looked.
Ken – 2 stone 10lbs within 12 weeks
I can’t thank Debbie enough for for enabling me to lose this weight. I couldn’t have done it without her. I have tried so many times in the past and always failed. It was an amazing experience.
Annabel – 1 stone 8lbs within 12 weeks
I’d tried most things and at 47 years old I’d pretty much resigned myself to being unhappy with my weight. I was 1 1/2 stone overweight – not much really, I know, but I felt awful about how I felt and how I looked.
I asked Debbie to help me because of the amazing results one of my friends had got after working with her.
Debbie helped me to identify the real reason for my weight gain and it really helped me to address it.
I loved the sessions – hypnosis and the relaxation that Debbie leads you into is the most amazing feeling. Because I love the hypnosis sessions so much I have actually extended the number of sessions!

Emma – 1st 7 within 6 weeks
I just loved working with Debbie. I work nights and got into some bad habits with my eating. Whilst I love to exercise, I realised that I was exercising simply so I didn’t increase my weight any more than it already was. Now I exercise because I enjoy it. Working with Debbie was an amazing experience and a lot easier than I thought it would be.