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Do you keep having the same struggles again and again?

Do you find yourself in a constant loop of disconnection between you and your goal?

I’m Debbie and I’ve worked with clients around the world for over 20 years, many of them going through what you are going through. That’s what brought me to seek out the most effective and up to date training in all aspects of hypnotherapy and other techniques and therapies, so that I can quickly and effectively help you to create a lasting positive change.  I’m also a multi-award winning therapist.

I get it.  I know how difficult it can be to stay focused on achieving something you really want.  Something pushes your buttons or something happens and there’s always tomorrow, but how many times does tomorrow come?  You get caught back up in that cycle of being disconnected from your goal.

I passionately believe that every one of us already has all of the skills, knowledge and inner resources we need to change any aspect of our life that no longer serves us.  We might need some help to access these inner resources, but they are there, so are you ready to get off that treadmill once and for all?

I work from the perspective that there is always a solution and I will help you to reach your goals creatively, as well as therapeutically, using insightful, results oriented solutions.

As a teenager I desperately wanted to be a pathologist.  Looking back, I’m sure I wanted to be a pathologist because my mam watched Quincy M.E and he got to solve murders!  I chose the subjects I would need to pursue this career path and I was aware of the years and years of study that were in front of me, but I was determined to achieve my dream.  I even joined St. `John’s Ambulance to get some experience and a feel for the years of medical training I would have to do (rather than the solving of murders!).   No one could put a sling on a teddy like me… and that’s a far as it went.  Pretty soon it became obvious I wasn’t great around blood or sick people.  The shame of the head St. John’s Ambulance explaining to my parents that it would be better for everyone if I chose a different career… I can still hear my dad roaring with laughter… Jumping forward quite a few years before becoming a therapist, I spent many years as a Funeral Director and it was during this time that I became fascinated with how people ‘worked’.  I completed a post Graduate Diploma in Counselling but found that as a process counselling kept my clients re-living and talking about the one thing they wanted to move away from.   Counselling wasn’t solution focused enough so I re-qualified as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and then later I achieved a BSc. (Hons) in Psychology.

I have been described as an exceptional talent in the field of human potential and I have worked with some of the world’s most sought after trainers in Hypnosis and NLP – namely Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler (the co-founder of NLP), John La Valle (the President of the Society of NLP), Michael Neill (the celebrity coach) and Steve Miller (Sky TV’s Fat Families).  I am a Fellow of the National Hypnotherapy Society (which s recognition of the significant experience I have, and which has made a notable contribution to the hypnotherapy profession).

I’m also recognised as one the UK’s leading weight release experts, and also the creator of the multi-award winning Get Real! and Get Slim for Life Weight release programme – a programme that has been designed exclusively for people get off the yo-yo diet bandwagon once and for all so that they can regain the control they have handed over to food and not only achieve their goal weight, but maintain it over the long-term.

I’m excited to support you on your journey.

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