Improving performance and achieving success has as much to do with mental preparation and practice, as it does with physical preparation and practice.

Many people associate hypnotherapy with enhancing sports performance (such as running, boxing, horse riding, golf, tennis, etc).  However, the reality is that hypnotherapy can be effective in helping a person to improve their performance in any area – such as taking exams and tests (including driving tests), speaking in public, going for that promotion, etc.

Relaxation is the key to improving performance in absolutely any area, as when a person is relaxed, they find it much easier to focus on the task at hand.

A person can become stuck at a certain level of performance when they believe they can’t do any more, go any faster, etc., yet to improve, they need to let go of these limiting thoughts.  A lack of self-belief can be at the heart of these limiting thoughts.  This can lead to performance anxiety which can manifest in pressure and stress, the mind going blank, etc.


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