Clinical Supervision

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Clinical supervision is a crucial element of working professionally and ethically and is also required by professional bodies.

One of the main aims of supervision is to enable the supervisee to develop their capacity to practise effectively by developing skills and resources, together with their ability to reflect upon and conceptualise the therapeutic process.

The tasks of supervision are as follows:

  • Support Function 
    • To establish a good working relationships/alliance.
    • To listen.
    • To allow the supervisee to blow off steam.
    • To validate good practice.
    • To help the supervisee to feel safe to be honest; to reflect on personal reactions and feelings; identify the possible need for further support.    
  • Monitoring Function
    • To provide constructive feedback.
    • To challenge when necessary.
    • To monitor the supervisee’s adherence to their ethical code. 
  • Developmental/educative Function
    •   To help the supervisee to reflect on:
      • Clients – to facilitate understanding.
      • Interactions and their effectiveness.
      • The relationship with clients.
      • Own reactions to clients.